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The advantages of buying canvas and float frame sets online for your artwork

canvas and float frame pack

When buying supplies for your art practice there are many different ways you can procure your supplies and get your paintings framed. You can visit and art supply store to buy your canvas, and then once completed head down to your local picture framer. But now there is a way to cut out all that driving around, by ordering your canvas and frame packs online!

Read on to find out a few reasons why you should consider buying canvas and float frame packs from Outside The Square Canvas.

High quality materials

When it comes to the materials we use for our framing and canvas production, we believe in using the best possible. All our floating frames are made using Australian hardwood, which has a beautiful smooth finish. We also sand every frame and join to ensure the perfect finish. For canvas stretcher making, we chose to use finger jointed pine which is kiln dried, removing all moisture from the wood making it extremely warp resistant. We use a 380gsm triple primed cotton for the canvas itself, it has a smooth texture and is beautiful to paint on. The resulting canvas and frame is the bees knees, we think you’ll be surprised at how good these materials feel up close!

For longevity of your art, it is important to choose quality over price when buying a frame set or canvas panels. High quality materials will last for years and years if cared for properly.

Consistency of materials

Outside the square canvas is a small scale business, where every product we sell is made to order. This means we have a high level of quality control over every batch we make. So if you’re looking for consistency in materials, buying your canvases and float frame sets online from Outside The Square Canvas is the way to go. Not only will the quality of your canvas be consistent from batch to batch, but the frames will also last for a long time and not warp over time like some mass produced materials do.

Convenience of not having to visit a picture framer

One of the biggest advantages of ordering your art supplies online is convenience. When you can buy canvas and float frame sets at the click of a button, there’s no need to take time away from the easel painting to visit an art supply shop, and then a picture framer and pick them up before you can start work on your masterpiece. The time saved travelling to and from the framer allows you to spend more time actually creating your work!

This is especially true when ordering online as you don’t have to worry about parking or getting lost along the way; all you need do is sit back and wait for delivery to wherever it is in Australia that you live.

Increasing your art business credibility

You are in-turn increasing your art business business credibility by choosing to use high quality canvas and frames as you can use this as a selling point when your customers. These will be a great way to add value to the customer, and show that you are putting your best foot forward with offering a ready-framed and ready-to-hang painting. The frame helps complete the piece and make it look as professional as possible, ready for display in their home or office.

Canvas and frame sets are a great way to sell more paintings!

An advantage of canvas and frame sets is that they allow you to show your art in its full glory. The buyer can see the full effect of your painting, as it will be framed when they receive it. This is a great way to upsell by including the frame and adding some markup to the cost.

They are also easy for you to ship, which makes them an ideal choice for online sales.