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Why Your next Artwork Should be Round | The increasing popularity of Round Canvas Art in Australia

For most Artists dreaming up their next painting – the most common painting format in recent history has been a square or rectangular painting ground or stretched canvas.

That is until now.

Round Artworks have been making a steady resurgence, as many professional Artists in Australia are experimenting and having commercial success selling Round Canvas Art.

But how did this trend for artwork on Round blank canvas start?

Circular Art has existed in various forms for centuries.

Examples of Circular Art can be seen in Greek Antiquity, adorning vases and wine glasses. Round paintings appeared again in Renaissance Art, where round works were known as Tondos. Artists such as Raphael, Michelangelo and Botticelli are known to have create circular compositions regularly.


Since these times Round Art has been fairly uncommon, particularly in Australian Art. One reason for this may be that Round Blank Canvas in Australia has been hard to find in regular art supplies stores, as it is quite specialised – requiring special skill and attention to detail.

But why is this format of painting getting so popular? And what has lead to the commercial success for so many artists.

Abstract painting styles incorporating bold use of colour and fluidity have been a popular choice for art collectors and home stylists in the last 5-10 years.

Considering the massive popularity of resin art, and fluid art in Australia we can see a correlation as to why Artists have started to choose round canvases.

The shape is highly suited to this style of art, as the gentle curve of the circle contains an abstract or fluid painting in a complimentary way.

Many of Our clients have had great success with this style of painting.

The popularity of the round format in resin art and fluid art seems to have lead to many Australian Artists experimenting with the format with other styles.

Just browsing Australian online galleries such as Bluethumb, or jumping on Instagram, you can see this happening – and most importantly you can see these selling.

Other examples of subjects which look great round, are portraits, seascapes, hard-edge abstracts, moons and many more.

For Artists who are looking for a new challenge to expand their painting practice, the round canvas should definitely be considered.

Outside The Square has supplied round canvas Australia wide to new Artists and Professionals.

The feedback we always hear is that they loved the change or the challenge of working on a round!

Why not try a round canvas today? Outside The Square can have custom stretched canvases delivered to your door anywhere in Australia. Challenge yourself and see if you too can have some success selling round art!