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Round Float Frame 70cm | Circular Picture frame | white

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Outside The Square Round float frame 70cm | circular picture frame | white

Outside the Square 70cm round float frames are a highly specialised and exceptionally well made picture frame made to fit a 70cm diameter round canvas.

The round floating picture frame cradles the round canvas and is fixed in place from the rear, allowing for a 5mm gap between the frame and the edge of the canvas – giving the appearance of the canvas floating in the frame.

In recent years float picture frames have become all the rage among professional artists, and also in interior styling. Until now it was nearly impossible to find a frame for round artworks.

We have developed our round frames so that artists working on round canvases have the opportunity to enhance their art with a frame.

Our round float frames are finished with several coats of satin white – you can also simply paint them with any other colour to achieve a different finish. We recommend Rustoleum spray paints for an optimal result.

While Outside The Square Round picture frames have been made to specifically fit our round canvas – they also fit a wide range of other brands of round stretched canvas, and round wooden art boards.


  • Round float frame made to fit 70cm round canvas or board.
  • Satin white finish.
  • Pre-drilled pilot holes for quick and easy attachment to the artwork.
  • Screws supplied with the frame.
  • Frame dimensions –
  • Note this is the frame only – canvas sold separately

Artists from all regions of Australia have Our Canvas and frames delivered to their door and use Outside The Square Round Canvas to paint a wide variety of subjects from Abstracts to Portraits, Seascapes to Still life – the round shape is very versatile and add interest to the wall in a way that a square or rectangle does not. Try our round canvas today >

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Dimensions 74 × 74 × 6 cm


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