Round Stretched Canvas 50cm


  • Round Stretched Canvas 50cm
  • 25mm deep / thickness
  • Sturdy high quality circular stretcher
  • Bevelled edge stretcher ring
  • 380gsm primed cotton

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Outside the Square 50cm diameter Round Canvas, is a custom stretched canvas made using high quality 25mm medium-density fibreboard (MDF) which is hand cut and bevelled. Following which Tom hand stretches premium quality 380gsm (approximately 10oz) triple primed cotton duck onto each frame, taking the upmost care to deliver a quality round canvas for Artists of every level.

These circular canvases have been developed with professional artists requirements in mind.

The unique round stretcher rings have been made thicker than most for added strength, and for a more substantial looking thickness of canvas.

Outside the Square Circle stretcher rings have been developed with a bevelled inside edge, the bevelled edge on a stretcher is created so that a flat edge does not press against the stretched canvas and become visible on the front of the artwork.

As our round canvas is hand made to order with a high quality finish in mind, it is far sturdier and has neater sides than mass produced alternatives.

Smaller sizes have some slight ridges around the sides due to canvas back folds. We do our best to reduce this as much as possible.

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Dimensions 50 x 50 x 2.5 cm


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